Mexican singer-songwriter, Daniela Soqui, finished producing her first CD, titled “Sueños Vivos”.  Her music could be categorized as world music: trova, latin pop, with a latin American folk fusion.

Daniela has had several performances throughout different locations in San Antonio, Texas, where she moved to finish her Master’s in Communication Arts. She has contributed writing a song for the short film “Finding Home“, the independent film “Secuestrada”, as well as a bilingual song for a children’s project titled, “knock, knock”.

Rooted to her family, since very young ages, she was surrounded by a musical environment, part of the family dynamics especially on Saturday afternoons, was to sing together. She and her brothers would pick up the guitar and try to follow the chords their dad played. For this reason her music style has been influenced by the trova genre and South American folklore. Her bohemian dad and her mother, who loves classical music, inherited her fascination for music, which enabled her to express herself through it.

Daniela began writing during her teenage years, mostly thoughts that only the pages of her note pads knew. While listening to what close friends wrote and sharing hers’, she developed the necessary confidence to compose. Allowing her to convert her lifetime personal experiences along with her passion for music into what are now the wonderful lyrics of her songs; songs that when played with her distinguished voice and accompanied by the sound of various instruments, create a harmonic style that instills hope and life.

Soqui has come into the music, going against voices of discouragement. Phrases like “musicians starve”, “the music industry environment is harsh”, emphasized by people with great influence in her life, delayed her to acknowledge that this was something she wanted to peruse and develop. Nevertheless, inspired by her love towards life, she keeps herself firmly conveying: “If something is worth fighting for, it’s to persevere in the gifts that have been given to us, using them to spread happiness and hope to others.”